Tie Flies


Intermediate Fly tying Class

Every other Tuesday night, Kaweah Fly Fishers offer intermediate fly tying instruction at Quail Park. Bring your own vise, tools, ...
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these link to the old WP, unedited, no particular order. Purely here for my convenience.

Zug Bug 20130125

Red Headed Stepchild 20130129

Old Gray Mare dj 20121217

DF Disc Foam Hopper 20121212

Brassie 20130210

Griffith Gnat 20130210

PMX 20130226

Mercers-Micro-Mayfly 20130210

Bead Chain Nymph 20130226

Dave Marabou Ghost 20130518

Royal Humpy Clarence Butzbach 20120117

Aggravator Andy Burk

Skinny Nelson

Stomper Foam Humpy 20130710

Dennys AP Emerger 20130716

Klinkhamer Special 20130907a

Partridge Caddis Emerger 20130907a

Rylee’s X Caddis

Rylee PulloverCaddis

Parachute Humpy

Missing Link Fly 

Micro Mayfly

Glass House

Baetis Foam Back

Cutter Perfect Ant

Triple Wing Caddis

Red Fox Squirrel Nymph

Western Coachman

24 Possie bugger

Lite Brite Zonker BH

BHFB Pheasant tail

WD40 Midge

Hume Lake zipper

20 Wiggle tail

Green Machine

Masked Marauder Stonefly

Split Case Mayfly Nymph

Stone Tumbler

Boggie Man Micro Leech

Trico Compara Dun Hot Spot

LaFontaine Emergent Sparkle Pupa

Damsel Fly Nymph

Plumbers’ Butt Beetle

Parachute Hare and Copper nymph

Paraloop Midge

Parachute Adams

2000 April Kaufman Stimulator

Butzbach’s Royal Humpy

Logan’s Western Coachman

Golden Stonefly nymph

Lieb’s Bug

Deer Hair Parachute Fender

Hook-up Stonefly

Royal Wulff

Gray Hackle Peacock

Mo T Nymph

Parachute Adams Dry

Sierra Zebra Midge Pupa

Biot Midge Pupa Wayne Luallen

Mercury Blood Midge 

Shark Caddis Larva

Sheep Creek Special

LaFontaine Emergent Sparkle Pupa

LaFontaine Deep Sparkle Pupa

LaFontaine Caddis Larva

Ikes Trout Candy

Chuck’s Caddis Variant



Shiner Minnow

Clouser Minnow

Parachute Caddis

Kings River Caddis

Liz Nevada Hooker Bugger

Fiery Female Adams

Pheasant Tail Parachute1

Bead Head CopperJohn

Pink Lady

Foam Hopper

Royal Trude

California Mosquito

Hares Ear GRBH

Birds Nest