Fishing Report

Latest fishing reports from our members and selected friends

Trout Cedar Grove Sept 27, 2020




AaronT catching native trout around the Cedar Grove area of the South Fork of the Kings River.  The water flow is perfect, the fish are friendly.  The trour are taking dry flies and nymphs readily.


Lower Deschutes Oregon Sept 29, 2020

Lots of water, lots of big trout on the Lower Deschutes Oregon.



Cedar Grove Rainbow Trout Aug 20, 2020

Cedar Grove, Kings Canyon trout bite is great in the Boyden Cave area.

August 20, 2020 by DaveJ

I started out with the “Cedar Groove” stonefly pattern, and caught so many fish I never changed flies.   I’m trying out another pattern tomorrow morning that I made up. I wanted something that imitates the little yellow-belly ‘hoppers you find up here. I tried the pattern the last time I was up about a month ago, and caught a half-dozen on it inside an hour, so I think it’s a winner. I’ll let you know.



KFFC Sequoia Park trout WayneL DonnaL SteveF June 5, 2020

Donna, Steve and I fished Sequoia Park creeks June 5, 2020. We went up Hwy 198 (from south end of the park) due to the road construction at the north end of General Highway. The contractor is not supposed to hold you any longer than a total of 60 minutes for the three locations they are/will be working on in that 15 mile stretch from the Y to Little Baldy.



We saw a gorgeous bear about ¾ up the switch backs, then on the way down we saw at about ¼ mile from the turn-off to Crystal Cave a momma bear with two cubs that were marching across the road in front of two cars ahead of us. The cubs scampered up a tree and played peek-a-bou with us for a while.



Fishing for us was very good. We went upstream.



Steve used his Tutti Fruitti Ben Franklin with a purple soft hackle below.



Did really well, though initially his dropper was too long to detect strikes for that water.



Donna fished initially a #12 black Creetle and did well but had difficulty following it, but did better with a #10 Western Coachman.

There were lots of carpenter ants so Donna went to a Beetle Bailey and did OK but again had difficulty seeing the fly, so went back to a Western Coachman.




I used a #12 Western Coachman all day, same fly. It was down to about ½ the hair, a couple of broken pieces of peacock her sticking out, and the copper wire was hanging back about ½ way on the tail, but it kept catching fish.

We started hiking out at 4:00. Good that we did. Started raining as we got to the car at 5:00 and rained on us all the way out to Hospital Rock.


From what we saw I believe Marble Fork at Lodgepole would fish very well now. Tempting.


Definitely going to be a low water year.


KFFC First Run Through Sequoia Park Boggess and Margie June 9, 2020.

First Run Through Sequoia Park.  Boggess and Margie.   June 9, 2020.

Boggess and I went for a drive today. Wolverton water fairly low, appears to be at the end of its run, maybe another week.   No other cars in the lot at 0800 this morning. Floating terrestrial foam flies, ants, Royal Coachman worked well.


Next up was Marble Fork at Lodgepole. Looks fishable. I wanted to check out other creeks that crossed the Generals Highway, so we kept going north.


Halstead Creek looked good, weeds not grown up, skipped again because I wanted to look at the other creeks before dark.


Other creeks were nice 🙂 we went downstream from the road. Fishing about what you’d expect in June for a low water year. the size 14 Cindy Brady parachute version using pheasant tippet caught one after about 5-6 passes through a pool. The size 18 standard tie CB though caught three with three passes through the next pool. All rainbows were small but friskie.



General Highway under Construction.   Here’s other important info that affects people who *might* be on a timetable… They’re doing road construction on the General’s highway. It’s about four miles of construction. Waiting can be 30-60 minutes. We had lunch during this time.


NOTHING is open (first week of June 2020) for browsing/buying/camping/picnic. Bathrooms are (verified) open at Potwisha, Wolverton, and Grant’s Grove. We didn’t check at Lodgepole. Basically, take HWY 180 if you want to visit Kings Canyon when it opens, take Hwy 198 if you want Sequoia Park.



Upper Kings River above Pine Flat Reservoir AaronT March 8, 2020

Upper Kings River above Pine Flat Reservoir AaronT

March 8, 2020

Water is cold, the flow is still easy to wade, the trout are hungry and willing.

Lot of sub surface caddis, stoneflies, no mayflies yet.  Nymphs were working well.






Trout 15 inch South Fork Kings River

Nov 10, 2019

Jim De Swarte personal best on the South Fork of the Kings River by Cedar Grove.
It’s been so long, I forgot I’ve got measurements on the other side of the net handle. I measured the net at home, and if this guy was straightened out, I think he’d be at least 15”. Sipped a #16 BWO.
Jim De Swarte


27 Inch Native Rainbow Upper Kings River Nov 11, 2019

Submitted by an anonymous angler.


Lower Kings Rainbow Nov 22, 2019

Brown parachute Adams dry fly.
John Pagendarm.


Lower Kings River trout fish report May 1, 2019

May 1, 2019  Lower Kings River below Alta Weir

Check out the trout I caught on the Lower Kings River in the riffles just below the Alta Weir (when the flows were about 4800cfs earlier this month).  It was built like a salmon and was at least 22in….

The fly is what we call a “skinny PT” below a strike indicator.  I had been fishing down below the riffles where the sycamore tree hangs out over the water with various patterns and no love whatsoever.  Then I got to the riffles and switched out to the skinny PT and immediately got into fish.

Brian Loven.


Ruby Marsh 2019

May 2019.   The annual trip to Ruby Marsh was good. Bob Engleheart, Hank Roldan, Bill Winn & I went. We stayed in Elko at a VRBO arranged by Bob and drove to the Marsh each day. The VRBO was comfortable, warm and dry. Tuesday was a blizzard with snow and fierce wind. Wednesday and Thursday were nice. Everyone caught fish with the size between 14”-24”. Most were in the high teens.


When fish don’t want their picture taken…

Lower Kings has been fishing really well this past week. The storm that rolled in this afternoon might put the fish down and off feeding though 🙁

Here’s Boggess with one that was very camera shy.

Tie on streamers or nymphs for best results.

Fishing Report 8-11-2017

The Marble Fork of the Kaweah River is (finally) wadable! Lots of small rainbows, brookies, and brown trout are easily visible in the gin-clear water. Since you can see them, they can see you, so stealth helps. They’re mostly taking dry flies, and are picky about presentation.



Fishing Report 6-22-2017

Yesterday we hit the Sequoias. If you’ve fished Kings Canyon or Sequoia in other years, you might be surprised at the water conditions. Many of the small creeks that are almost done in late June and July are still really hot. The larger streams and rivers are still very treacherous- especially with the melt from this heatwave filling their banks. Marble Fork was blown out, and Clover Creek near Wuksachi Resort nearly so.  Please check flows before you go.

What we caught: brook trout and rainbow trout.

What we used: a variety of dry flies – some Parachute Caddis, some Adams, and I used leggy foam beasties. Wet wading is doable- the water temps don’t immediately freeze your legs, but they’re still cool enough to keep the trout happy.

As we were driving by Lake Kaweah on the way home, we noticed that it’s full- really, really, full. Like, you can’t see the high water line at all, and the outhouses are nearly covered- all you can see is the roof! Some kids had floated over to one of them, and were standing on the roof, fishing. Got a boat? There’s a lot of lake to play on right now.

Added benefit: the temps in the park are much, much cooler than they are here. When we got home, it was after dark, and it was still warmer than it had been all day long up in the mountains. It was a great way to beat the heat.

Marble Fork, Early June 2017

The water was pretty high, but not quite blown out on the Marble Fork of the Kaweah River. We had success in multiple pocket waters that we found heading north from the campground. We caught rainbows mostly, with some brown and brook trout as well. Fish hit on parachute caddis, and some leggy foam flies. Water is clear and very cold.

Fresno Bee also has a fishing report– it covers a lot of waters, but seems focused on bait fishing. There’s usable info in it though 🙂