Secret trout & Steelhead locations Redding Calif Creighton Smith Feb 7, 2020

BIO:  Most of my early life was spent in Palo Alto with several years spent in Southern California and then Switzerland.  I had the good fortune to have ancestors who came to California during the gold rush and homesteaded in Calaveras County.  As a result, some of my earliest memories are of sinking worms with a 3-piece Sears bamboo fly rod for scrappy rainbow and browns.   Later, I majored in wildlife and fisheries at Humboldt State while minoring in steelhead, or it may have been the other way round.  After college, I spent some time in Nepal with the Peace Corps on a fisheries program.  Upon returning to the states, I began working in pollution control work which took me from Lake Tahoe to Boise Idaho, Santa Fe New Mexico, and eventually to Bakersfield. In Bakersfield, I happen to work with several other fly fishing fanatics Clif Calderwood, Ron Graupmann and Tom Goff.  Each year we would backpack into the upper Kern River and experience pristine fishing for the wild Gilberties.  Upon retirement, I convinced my wife Lynn that Redding would offer the perfect combination of civilization and fly fishing opportunities.  In the past 11 years, I have had the chance to fish many of the local waters in addition to some memorable trips to distant lands.  I’m looking forward to sharing pictures of some of my adventures and some insights into “do-it-yourself” fishing in the north state.



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