Mike Malekos profiles select California blue-ribbon trout fishing destinations, evaluates essential gear, and shares small stream tactics

For June’s meeting we welcome Mike Malekos. Mike is the Founder and Administrator of The Casting A Rise Foundation. Casting A Rise raises money for charitable, educational, and nonprofit organizations through fly fishing. Please take a look at  www.castingarise.com and consider supporting this impactful 501(C)(3) organization.

Mike is also a contributing Columnist at California Fly Fisher magazine. His “Snapshot” articles are short, informative pieces discussing how to fly fish various fisheries within our state. Through his commentary Mike shares how to get there, how to fish there, and most importantly, why he fishes each body of water the way he does. The written synopsis of his fly fishing experience is intended to shorten an angler’s learning curve and to serve as a starting point for someone who has never visited the profiled fishery.  Among other things, Mike touches on the area, equipment selection, and how he found fish to behave.

During his presentation, Mike will share his views regarding essential gear, small stream tactics, and profile several Northern California blue-ribbon trout fishing destinations Kaweah Fly Fishers should consider visiting.

Michael Malekos





LifeStyle Center, 

5105 W. Cypress Ave,

Visalia, CA


Full schedule:

5:00pm Dinner with speaker at Denny’s 200 S. Akers St, Visalia, CA

6:30pm Speaker demo before the meeting, essential trout gear and San Mateo coast fishing.

7:30pm club business.

7:35pm presentation about 45-60 min .

9:00pm approx., raffle and adjourn.