Kings River Classic Oct 14, 2017

The Kings River classic will take place October 14, 2017 at Convict Flats Campground.  Rules and beats will be presented at 7:30 am at Convict Flats. Fishing is from 8am-6pm with one hour to fish each of 8 holes.  Anglers will write down size, type and number of fish caught.  Dinner will be served at 7pm and the awards will be presented at 8:30 pm.  Bring salad bread or a dessert. The club will provide the entree and side dishes and non alcoholic drinks.  Prizes will be fabulous, some worth up to $5. There is no fee for the event except everyone is required to have fun and mostly tell the truth about the fish they catch.  Camping is also free at Convict Flats. There is a pit toilet, but no water spigot. On Sunday, we usually cook a big breakfast and some will go fishing on their own or head home.  Contact Mark D. Cave so he can bring the right amount of food.   (559) 623-5338