KFFC Walker Ranch Outing June 29, 2019

KFFC Picnic and Bluegill Outing

Walker Ranch 

31286 Ruth Hill Rd

Squaw Valley CA

June 29, 2019    10am-4pm


Bluegill, bass, catfish, all are friendly and willing to eat a fly.

This is a family 4th of July picnic on June 29th.

The location is a little hard to find so print out a good map to the ranch.  Cell phone reception isn’t good.

Bring a side dish.  Some suggestions: appetizers, dessert, potato or macaroni salad, casserole, garden or other salad, vegetable, chips & dip, etc.  Bring a serving bowl and serving spoon/fork.

Mark Cave will bring the main food course: Lunch Beanie Weenies, a variety of high end sausages from the award winning guy in Tulare, chili beans and fixings like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, cheese and hot peppers.  Soda and water.

RSVP:  Contact Mark Cave 559-623-5338, mdcave@sbcglobal.net.  We need a count so we can bring the correct amount of food.

Bluegill, bass, and catfish all take trout style flies.  Nymphs and streamers work best.


See below for some fly suggestions: