KFFC Sequoia Park trout WayneL DonnaL SteveF June 5, 2020

Donna, Steve and I fished Sequoia Park creeks June 5, 2020. We went up Hwy 198 (from south end of the park) due to the road construction at the north end of General Highway. The contractor is not supposed to hold you any longer than a total of 60 minutes for the three locations they are/will be working on in that 15 mile stretch from the Y to Little Baldy.



We saw a gorgeous bear about ¾ up the switch backs, then on the way down we saw at about ¼ mile from the turn-off to Crystal Cave a momma bear with two cubs that were marching across the road in front of two cars ahead of us. The cubs scampered up a tree and played peek-a-bou with us for a while.



Fishing for us was very good. We went upstream.



Steve used his Tutti Fruitti Ben Franklin with a purple soft hackle below.



Did really well, though initially his dropper was too long to detect strikes for that water.



Donna fished initially a #12 black Creetle and did well but had difficulty following it, but did better with a #10 Western Coachman.

There were lots of carpenter ants so Donna went to a Beetle Bailey and did OK but again had difficulty seeing the fly, so went back to a Western Coachman.




I used a #12 Western Coachman all day, same fly. It was down to about ½ the hair, a couple of broken pieces of peacock her sticking out, and the copper wire was hanging back about ½ way on the tail, but it kept catching fish.

We started hiking out at 4:00. Good that we did. Started raining as we got to the car at 5:00 and rained on us all the way out to Hospital Rock.


From what we saw I believe Marble Fork at Lodgepole would fish very well now. Tempting.


Definitely going to be a low water year.