KFFC General Meeting – Lance Gray – New Location

Location Change Aug 2, 2019 only: 120 N. Hall St / Center Ave., Visalia.

Fishing with Sinking Lines in Stillwater

Our newest presentation is “Fishing with Sinking Lines in Stillwater”. This presentation will cover intermediate lines (1.75IPS) to heavy Type 7 (7IPS) lines. We will cover the when, where and why of fishing each line and we will discuss three different tactics     using sinking lines. The tactics are tactics you can use during wading a lake, on a ladder or from a boat. 

The presentation is a complete interactive and animated presentation. A great presentation to learn about sinking lines.


Lance & Kirsten’s Bio


Lance and Kirsten have more than 50 years combined experience in fly fishing. Lance started fly fishing with his father and brother Lincoln at age 7. In his teens, he began tying flies commercially for shops all around Northern California. At 17, he went to work at Powell’s in Chico, working in the fly shop and building rods. He guided for Powell’s, conducted fly-tying and fly-fishing schools, and traveled.

In 1993, Lance and Kirsten started Saltwater Innovations, a company that manufactured and distributed products for saltwater fly fishing. Lance’s Crystal Popper, Gray’s Billfish Fly, the KO Charlie line and the Raghead Crabs are all Saltwater Innovations products. Kirsten worked behind the scenes, handling the day-to-day operation running the manufacturing floor of the company.

In 2003 they launched Lance Gray & Company, a full-service outfitter offering guided trips, fly-fishing schools, workshops and a travel agency. Lance conducts presentations at fly clubs and outdoor shows and supports local groups like Cub Scouts and 4H. He’s a signature tier for Solitude Fly Company, pro staff member for Sage and Rio and is a featured writer, with articles published in Angling Trade Magazine, California Fly Fisher, Fly Fishermen, Sierra Fisherman and Northwest Fly Fishing.

Kirsten is a fantastic photographer who’s had images published in periodicals and on websites throughout the outdoor industry.


5:00pm Dinner with speaker, Denny’s 200 S. Akers St, Visalia

6:30pm Tie flies with speaker.

120 N. Hall St / Center Ave., Visalia.

7:30pm Program starts.

120 N. Hall St / Center Ave., Visalia.