KFFC General Meeting George Bouvoin Midging for Trout

KFFC George Bouvoin Midging for Trout Friday Nov 1, 2019 7:30pm LifeStyle Center

George Bouvoin will bring us his “Midging for Trout” program.  He will talk about strategies in stillwater and moving water, flies, equipment, some waters to fish, etc.  Midges are in almost every water we fish and often make up the bulk of a trout’s diet.  If you fish for trout and want to catch more, don’t miss this program.

George Bouvoin has fly fished for the last 49 years, mostly for trout, all over California and the west, with a little saltwater fishing thrown in.

6:00pm      Denny’s 200 S. Akers St, Visalia

Dinner with Speaker


7:30pm                Program Starts

5105 W. Cypress Ave, Visalia