Fly Tying Class October 3, 2017

Join us Tuesday evening at Quail Park and learn to tie a couple of good-looking nymph patterns.
The first one is a special version of a Pheasant Tail Nymph- it’s called the Quasimodo Pheasant Tail.
The second one is called the Masked Marauder Stonefly Nymph.
Bring your usual tools, UV cement, and 6/0 or 8/0 thread in tan and camel.
FAQ about tying class
  • Class is held in one of the rooms near the dining room at Quail Park.
  • Class begins at 7 P.M., so get there a few minutes early so you have time to set up your vise and get your tools ready.
  • Don charges $3-$5 for class to offset the cost of materials he puts in the kits that we use to tie the flies.
If you’ve never been before, please use the form below for any questions you may have.
Hope to see you Tuesday!